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I had the honor of being one of the speakers at the city of Linköping ‘Future Entrepreneurship Day’ 14th of February, sharing my views and insights on intrapreneurship.



I have the great privilege to publish my debut book about Intrapreneurship in 2020. Publisher is Sanoma Utbildning and the release is planned to June.



I’m in the running of becoming the “Future Female Leader 2020”, an award presented by Ledarna, Sweden’s foremost leadership organization.



The number one leadership magazine in Sweden, is every year rewarding great leadership. I’m proud to be nominated in the category “Most innovative leader 2020”.

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My name is Charlotte Haegermark. I’m a coach, author within intrapreneurship and precision driver.

Innovation & development is my focus and I have have been working with some of the strongest and most innovative brands in the world:

Porsche, Tesla, Red Bull and Saab (defence).

I guess you already figured out my biggest passion in life is cars and motorsport. Motorsport is my symbol for my need for speed and devlopment in life. Cars is my symbol for my strong need for freedom and mobility. I started racing karts when I was 10 years old and just got hooked. During two years I raced in the German Championship, representing the Swedish National Karting Team.

Racing is my DNA, my history and my future. Today using my racing experience, methods and mindset when coaching my clients to win in the innovation race. My focus areas are intrapreneurship (employee driven innovation), modern leadership and self-leadership.

Things I’ve learnt from racing:

  • Pace.
  • Ambition to be the best.
  • Striving for improvements and innovation.
  • Visualization.
  • Finding gaps and going for them.
  • Give it your all, with what you’ve got today.
  • Being brave.
  • Standing up for yourself, although you’re a minority and some wants you to fail.
  • Endurance.
  • Goal setting.
  • Tactics. Races aren’t won in the first curve.
  • Team effort.
  • Celebrating success.


Future proofing businesses & people. Creating the modern leaders, people and companies of tomorrow.

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    • Coaching clients wanting to make a change
    • Career coaching
    • Coaching aspiring intrapreneurs
    • Coaching self-leadership
    • Reversed mentor to seniors
    • Leadership coaching


    • Bringing your brand to life by joining forces within our shared values; future, innovation, modern leadership, diversity, mobility.


    • Book circles
    • Workshops
    • Speaking


    • Boosting female car confidence by starring as driver in car commercials, e.g. for Volvo Cars USA.


    • Coaching aspiring intrapreneurs
    • Leadership coaching
    • Managing internal networks
    • Book writing
    • Book circles
    • Round tables
    • Workshops
    • Roles: inhouse intrapreneur, project manager, program manager, facilitator, change leader, team leader


    • Offering competence within; modern HR, modern leadership, talent management, intrapreneurship, innovation and social sustainability



Taking part in the launch campaign for the new Volvo XC60 for Volvo Cars USA.

I want to empower women when it comes to car confidence. More women should feel confident enough to buy their own cars and feel empowered as drivers.

In order to be a female role model, I take part in car commercials. I want to set an example that women are just as natural as drivers and car owners.

Feel free to contact me if you want to join me in my mission.


My focus area in coaching is helping clients who wants to make a change. My specialty is to help the client find their inner drive and motivation by asking questions and focusing on clarifying the clients values. When the change is built on this foundation, the change will come easier and be more sustainable over time.

By clarifying this, it’s easier to align your everyday life with what’s important to you. Then we research your current state, your enablers and obstacles and who you would like to be in the future.

My coaching is based on the ACT-method (a form av KBT). This method focus on acceptance and commitment, instead of trying to change feelings and situations. I believe this is a great method for reaching sustainable change. I have personally been through life changing positive experiences with my own ACT-therapist, when I was going through crisis, sorrow, bad leadership and other difficult situations.

If you want to make a change in life, in your company or specifically in your career – I’m here for you.

Coaching is available in Linköping, Gothenburg and online via Skype/Facetime.

Cost of investment: 800 SEK, 60 min session & 600 SEK, 45 min session.

To start your journey, send me an email.

What does my clients say about me? Have a look here.





Intrapreneurship is really a matter close to my heart, since I’m an intrapreneur myself and have seen how intrapreneurs, the corporate change engines, can handle many of the complex challenges we face; digitalization, diversity, sustainability, war of talents etc.

I will help you unleash the power of intrapreneurship (employee driven innovation), in order to make your operations stay relevant and competitive in the future as well as increasing employee engagement.

Read more about my intrapreneurship services, here.





As a Certified Board member, I’m open to Board assignments within:


Employee Engagement, Employer Branding, Modern leadership, Talent Development, Social sustainability

Business transformation: 

Digitalization, Agile and cross functional ways of working, Change management, Culture journeys


Intrapreneurship, Startup collaboration, Innovation Management, Innovation boosting leadership



Holding a board work certificate from Styrelseakademien.

My strongest education though would be my 12 years as a motorsport athlete; learning how to set goals, striving for improvements, strategy, agility, tactics, competitive intelligence and so on.

What can I do for you?

In board assignments I contribute with my specialist knowledge in innovation, modern HR & leadership and business transformation. My role in boards is to be the challenger and transform businesses for future needs, securing competitiveness. Also contributing to the diversity of the board regarding age and gender. 

What about my personal characteristics?

  • – Straight forward and honest
  • – Holistic perspective
  • – Strategic and analytical
  • – Goal and performance-oriented
  • – Insights-driven
  • – Proactive
  • – Digital native
  • – Future and development focused
  • – Initiates and drives change journeys
  • – Visionary and unconventional thinking
  • – Putting the company first, not personal interests
  • – Interested in society matters
  • – Good listener and respect for other’s opinions


















A few projects I’d like to show you. Enjoy!

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