I had the pleasure to be featured in the September issue of the leadership magazine Chef in Sweden. Here I’m giving advise on how to build team spirit this fall, even if your working from home. My top tip was to do a book circle, empowering reflection and discussions on different topics. Many of us have a strong desire to now have some deeper conversations on how we want to work and act in the future – let’s do that by reading books on modern leadership, philosophy, psychology, behaviours, ways of working, entrepreneurship etc.

Would you want to try participating in a book circle at work?

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The book is OUT!

Such a great feeling to now have the book published. I have been writing it for the last six years, so to finally see it online, available to buy, is amazing. I’m so proud of myself. But of course, I have had a great support team around me making this possible. My fantastic publisher Anne, and editor Inger, should have some big applause!

Do you want to learn intrapreneurship? How to foster innovation as a leader? Or become an intrapreneur yourself? This is the book for you.

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Monitor the release on Adlibris!

Wow. The feeling when you get to see your debut book on Adlibris. It’s there. My baby I have been working on for six years. But in the end, it’s really a true team work and collaboration to get it out there. My publishing house and fantastic publisher, my editor, my PR-agent, friends, family… Thanks a million for all your support and believing in me. This wouldn’t be possible without you.

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What do you think about the cover? I just love it! My input to the designer was that I wanted lots of color and the feeling of flowing creativity.


Mini lecture in Intrapreneurship (Swedish)

🚀 MINILEKTION I INTRAPRENÖRSKAP: ”Så boostar du kreativitet och problemlösning i utmanande tider”.
Nu släpper jag en lektion som föddes efter att många på Linkedin efterfrågade mer framåtlutade och hoppfulla tips kring hur man kan använda kreativitet för att ta sig igenom Coronakrisen starkare – och vända denna tid till något konstruktivt och utvecklande.
Vi ser ju många nu som accelererar sin digitala omställning. Men för att också vara förberedd inför kommande samhällsutmaningar behöver den innovativa och kreativa höjden ständigt finnas där och maxas. Här är intraprenörskap ett avgörande verktyg inför framtiden. De som tar vara på sina intraprenörer blir inte lika sårbara vid kommande svårigheter. Se till att använda kreativitet som beredskap.
Mitt fokus är att skapa mer plats för kreativitet i vårt samhälle och utmana de trånga strukturerna. Fler modiga ledare med förmåga att främja innovation behövs! Vill du bidra till detta syfte kan du haffa en biljett till mitt ’minitalk’ online (förinspelat så du kan titta när du vill). Köp här:

The book is coming

In June I will release my first book. Its a leadership book about how to boost intrapreneurship; employee driven innovation.

Initially it will be released in Swedish, but leave a comment if you want to read it in English.

Also, if you want to get a notification when the book is available for purchase, let me know.



“Today’s leaders are not equipped to maximaze creativity”

I had the honor of being one of the speakers at the city of Linköping ‘Future Entrepreneurship Day’ 14th of February, sharing my views and insights on intrapreneurship.

Many thanks to Linköping Municipality for letting me #boostintrapreneurship on Linköping’s Business Day. Thank you Pia and Marie for the invitation! And thank you to everyone who wrote to me afterwards with such kind feedback 💜

“Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge about intrapreneurship yesterday. You gave me new perspectives. Exciting and important. I’m looking forward reading your book.” – Anna

“The dialogue between you and the moderator on stage, was both captivating, knowledgable and fun to listen to.” – Elisabeth

“A great talk about intrapreneurship and innovation. Let me know when your book is published – i need one!” – Stefan

Here’s some of my key insights from my speech:

🌏 Speaker after speaker showed Linköping’s attractive position and future potential. To be able to hold this attractive position also in the future, intrapreneurship will be as important to our societal development as entrepreneurship. Whether you are a company, organization, school, political party, private person, board or nation – intrapreneurship is something for you.

🎉 Today’s leadership is not equipped to maximize creativity in an uncertain environment. Instead they focus on creating stability through control and minimize risks and inconveniences. All types of leaders, from managers to teachers in the school, must see leadership of creativity as one of their main tasks.

🆓 When both existing and future labor force is so strongly influenced by entrepreneurs who become role models – the majority of the global workforce sees self-employment as the most optimal way of working. When the risks feel too great, intrapreneurship should be there to offer the best of both worlds for entrepreneurial employees.

📚 The toolbox for how to boost intrapreneurship can be found in my upcoming book, published in June 2020. Who is curious to read ?! 👀