My name is Charlotte Haegermark. I’m an advisor and author within intrapreneurship, a self-leadership coach and a precision driver.

Innovation & development is my focus and I have have been working with some of the strongest and most innovative brands in the world:

Porsche, Tesla, Red Bull and Saab (defence).

I guess you already figured out my biggest passion in life is cars and motorsport. Motorsport is my symbol for my need for speed and devlopment in life. Cars is my symbol for my strong need for freedom and mobility. I started racing karts when I was 10 years old and just got hooked. During two years I raced in the German Championship, representing the Swedish National Karting Team.

Racing is my DNA, my history and my future. Today using my racing experience, methods and mindset when coaching my clients to win in the innovation race. My focus areas are intrapreneurship (employee driven innovation), modern leadership and self-leadership.

Things I’ve learnt from racing:

  • Pace.
  • Ambition to be the best.
  • Striving for improvements and innovation.
  • Visualization.
  • Finding gaps and going for them.
  • Give it your all, with what you’ve got today.
  • Being brave.
  • Standing up for yourself, although you’re a minority and some wants you to fail.
  • Endurance.
  • Goal setting.
  • Tactics. Races aren’t won in the first curve.
  • Team effort.
  • Celebrating success.