Why intrapreneurship?

The entrepreneurial movement is affecting all aspects of society. Entrepreneurs challenge the way we work and live our lives and how we all handle challenges. The challenges of today and tomorrow are mainly being led by entrepreneurs, but what about the established corporates – can entrepreneurs help them stay relevant and competitive in the future?

The answer is spelled; intrapreneurship. These corporate entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs or as some call them; corporate rebels – act as change leaders and engines within established corporates in order to handle complex challenges with creative problem solving. The intrapreneurs can also be described as ‘dreamers who do’ – they have both the visionary ability and the operational ability to make change happen. Their mission is to act on the great potential they see in their company, but way too often they are being stopped by hierarchies, egos, internal politics and so on.

The majority of the global workforce see entrepreneurship as the most optimal way of working, because of the freedom it brings, but at the same time think the risks are too high. Combining the freedom of entrepreneurship with the stability of employment is the future of work. Companies able to offer intrapreneurship, will be more competitive and attractive.

Intrapreneurship is really a matter close to my heart, since I’m an intrapreneur myself and have seen how intrapreneurship can handle many of the complex challenges we face; digitalization, diversity, sustainability, war of talents etc.

My services:

I will help you unleash the power of intrapreneurship, in order to make your operations stay relevant and competitive in the future as well as increasing employee engagement.

When helping clients, I use science about intrapreneurship, creativity, innovation and leadership in order to create suitable activities. Depending of the innovation maturity of the company, the activities differ. Here are some examples of my support;


Together we can; raise awareness of intrapreneurship, train leaders in leading creative employees, make intrapreneurs inventory, create role models, adjust established initiatives to support intrapreneurship (e.g. trainee or talent programs), set up a career program for intrapreneurs, create forums for reflection/learning/creativity, increase debate climate, communication planning to make expectations clear, concept development of total intrapreneurship offer etc.


I can help out with:

  • pre-studies
  • analytics
  • strategies
  • process development
  • workshops & webinars
  • program development
  • book circles
  • leadership coaching
  • coaching aspiring intrapreneurs
  • interim assignments
  • in-house intrapreneur
  • facilitating forums and internal networks



I apply the research based ‘intrapreneurship compass model’ (Uppsala University) when working with my clients, consisting of; Structure, Routine & Culture. Also combining this with research about innovation, creativity and leadership.

Focusing on the aspects having the biggest positive impact on the innovation ability;

  • Decentralized structure
  • Informal steering: Trust, communication, transparency, values, learning
  • Formalization of routines
  • Leadership support and competence
  • “The double culture”: Ambitious & accepting mistakes


The book:

My leadership book about intrapreneurship was published in June 2020 and can be found here. The book is a way for me to share my own experiences, knowledge and bring new research/science about intrapreneurship, innovation, creativity and leadership to the corporate world, for them to start using it.

I offer book circles in order to reflect upon themes in the book, and discuss freely. Welcoming leaders, HR, board members and intrapreneurs.

Me as a coach/advisor:

– Intrapreneurial (visionary & doer)
– Analytic
– Creative
– Initiator
– Collaborator
– Driven
– Agile

Let us collaborate in making you lead the change. Connect here.